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September 15, 2022

Should you finish your basement?

To any family, a basement is a useful addition. But unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to finish the space because they believe that it will be a tedious project. The truth is, you can complete a lot of the renovation work on your own, and the perks will totally be worth the time, money, and effort you put toward it.

Basement remodeling is not as scary as it sounds and it adds so many perks to your home! We make it easy to understand why you should finish your basement and how it can enhance your daily life. Don’t let this perfectly good area go unused! It is time to start utilizing this part of your home—below, we explain five reasons why homeowners should finish their basements.

In this blog post you will learn why it’s important to finish your basement because:

  1. It’s a practical and versatile space
  2. It adds value to your home
  3. Basements can be additional living spaces

And the difference between:

  1. Finished basement v. renovated basement

It’s a Practical and Versatile Space

Basements can be used for far more than storage space. Your basement is one of the biggest rooms in your house and yet the least used. If you renovate and finish your basement, you can create a more efficient and usable space.

You can convert your basement space into a room where multiple family needs are met. You can designate it as the new family room. Or, you can turn the space into two rooms and use the other as a guest room.

When you’re done with your project, your storage space will be turned into the main room of the house that can really bring a family together to create long-lasting memories.

It Adds Value To Your Home

You care about your house since you invested money into it. You also want to spend time making improvements that will add value to it when you want to move or place it on the market. Investing in finishing your basement will be an investment for the betterment and sustainability of your home for many years to come.

Renovating and finishing your basement is a project that will surely have a high return. Even if you don’t try to sell your house right away, you’ll have another high functioning room in the house.

When you do want to move out, you’ll then receive the profits for your money and time put into the renovation project. There are many pros to finishing your basement that will add value to you in the present, and in the future. Right now is the perfect time to create that family-friendly basement space you and your family will love.

Basements Can Be Additional Living Spaces

A finished basement allows you to better accommodate your family and friends when they need a place to stay. You can transform either a portion of your basement or the entire lower level into the ultimate guest suite.

Imagine a private, spacious environment that features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting area—your guests are going to love it! When your loved ones know that you have a separate space waiting for them, they are certain to visit your home more often. If you’d like, and if you have the amenities, you can even rent out your basement. This easily offsets renovation costs. Once you pay off this project, you can put rent money toward mortgage payments or other expenses.

A basement addition could be the answer you’re looking for to make a change in your life and brighten up an important aspect of your home. A whole new bonus area can allow space for entertaining, hosting, and gathering that will enhance every precious moment with family and friends.

Finished Basement v. Renovated Basement

A basement can be turned into an additional family room.

There’s a difference between finishing and renovating your basement. Both add value to your house and could potentially create more space.
Finished: A finished basement covers the basic codes you have to follow as a homeowner. A project such as installing insulation or drywall, falls under “finishing a basement” project umbrella.
Renovated: A renovated basement creates a new purpose and uses for space. You can turn your basement from a storage area into the family room or home office space. It adds style to your finished basement.

A basement space that has been remodeled. It has engineered wood floors, white walls, and a nice staircase leading down to the roomy basement area.


If you are tired of that cramped living room where everyone congregates and can’t agree on what tv show to watch, or you need extra space for the kids to hang out in, transforming an unused basement is an excellent way to increase the value of your home and make the most out of your existing square footage. Creating a bright and inviting space from what was a dark, cold, and avoided space creates is no easy task.

Here at Stier Construction we will guide you through the entire process of remodeling or finishing your basement. It can be hard to imagine all the options for a large unfinished space, but our designers are trained to create plans that meet the needs of your family. Basement finishing and renovating is a major aspect of our services, and we have developed a time tested system that ensures our clients are more than satisfied when the project is complete. Whatever your needs are, we are here to make it happen.

You can contact us here, and let us help you with your next project!

In this blog post you learned why it’s important to finish your basement because:

  1. It’s a practical and versatile space
  2. It adds value to your home
  3. Basements can be additional living spaces

And the difference between:

  1. Finished basement v. renovated basement

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