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June 29, 2022

Kitchen and Bath Trends in 2020


Now that we are halfway through 2020, we thought we would take a look at the trends we are seeing take hold in the design industry! So far, the 2020 Kitchen & Bath has been filled with color and high contrast. A greater connection with nature from organic shapes, tactile surfaces and the combination of stone & metals.

Mixing old with new is an emerging trend that is by far our favorite! This plays into the trend of luxury minimalism we are also seeing an increased demand for.We definitely saw these themes from KBIS 2020, the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry show. We decided to sit down and take a look at our favorites!

 In this post, we will cover these points:

  1. Unexpected finishes
  2. Color is back
  3. Black and gold finishes

Unexpected Finishes

As a part of elevating the kitchen into a living space, we saw all sorts of unusual and unexpected textures in the kitchen. Designer Richard Anuskiewicz featured cabinetry clad in brass-studded recycled canvas. Another kitchen trend for a home renovation is to have contrasting materials in the kitchen, such as cabinetry with color and dark countertops. 

green upholstered cabinetry

Bathrooms also are getting into this trend as you can see with this vessel sink from Native Trails. Italian glass makers produce these spun-glass sinks utilizing techniques handed down over many generations. This is another example of age-old artisan tradition with contemporary design.

This artisan, antique bathroom trend also spills into the tile, tub design, and into the materials used: natural materials, the fixtures, wood, marble, ceramics, concrete, and more to add a warm homey feel. People are also starting to think more about the sustainability of the products and materials they are using.

glass vessel sink

Mixing the old with new is showcased with this bathroom vanity.  It’s contemporary features, are nicely balanced with traditional subway and penny round tiles. The modern twist on the traditional style sconces help tie in the vintage meets contemporary vibe for this bathroom inspiration!

modern vanity with sconces

The large format diamond pattern wood tile on the wall adds a traditional look but still a clean contemporary design. White quartz countertop and marble tile flooring ties it all together!

Notice the colorful look of the tile: people are looking to add more color to their living spaces with a home remodel, and green is a popular color for bath remodeling. Also, because the bathroom tends to be a smaller room, people are more likely to add some color to the bathroom as it does not seem as risky as a larger place like a living room.

wood diamond tile

Color Is Back!!

White Cabinetry has been so popular over the past 10 years but 2020 is showcasing kitchens using color. We don’t see white fully going away but the all-white kitchen will not be going into the 20’s. The all-white kitchen is a bit too stale for those staying home more or working from home more. Colors also allow individuals to be more expressive in their home so this is definitely trending in home renovation. Black & deep charcoals are emerging trends seen on Islands and vanities (dark is now considered a new neutral, according to designers). The Delta Booth displayed green cabinetry paired with a traditional historic terracotta floor.

pantry with green cabinetry and terracotta floors

Tiles also are getting into the color game! We are loving the deep emerald gloss green tile and nicely paired with a brushed gold shelf.

decorative metal and marble backsplash

Green ceramic tile backsplash

Green is definitely a hot color for 2020 along with saffron yellow. True appliances showcased their refrigerator in saffron and seeing it in tile too.

True yellow fridge

Black & Gold Finishes

Matte black starred in nearly every product line, from cabinetry and appliances to faucets and kitchen hardware. It’s a modern look that also works in traditional farmhouse and industrial spaces too. Matte black faucets mixed with textured brushed gold caught our eye! Kohler showcased faucets in a gold finish with matte black stone levers.

black faucets

Belwith-Keeler also got on trend with mixing matte black & gold finishes.

black and gold hardware

Love the mixing of finishes and the clean lines! What a way to add interest to your kitchen & bath remodel.

Which trend is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! Also if you are looking for some home design updates for your kitchen and bathroom, or want to do a full-out home and bathroom remodel, contact us. We love to serve the greater Rochester area! 


In this post, we talked about three major trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Those looking to upgrade or renovate their home  are looking for more sustainable materials that can bring in some unexpected texture. People are wanting their homes to be more warm verses the all-white look, hence embracing some fun colors.

They are also looking at black and gold finishes to highlight a modern look with some farmhouse feel as well. The points we covered:

  1. Unexpected finishes
  2. Color is back
  3. Black and gold finishes

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