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January 20, 2022

2022 Remodeling Trends

The new year is well underway, and many homeowners are spending their time brainstorming ways to remodel their home in 2022. So many more people are staying at home in the past two years since 2020 (and potentially moving to work remotely). What’s more, the demand for home improvement has increased significantly. According to Houzz, the annual increase of demand for home repair and improvement increased 58% in June 2021. 

home renovations - kitchen

Homeowners want to improve their home’s layout, function, and sustainability this year, and we wanted to share a few remodeling trends you’re likely to see pop up around your neighborhood (or maybe even at your own home!).

Whether you’re tired of your outdated bathrooms, you want more inviting outdoor spaces, or you’re hoping to install more eco-friendly products in your home, keep reading to learn more about some of the remodeling trends for 2022.

In this post, we will cover these 4 hot home remodeling trends in 2022:

  1. Increased sustainability efforts
  2. Spa-like bathrooms
  3. Inviting outdoor spaces
  4. More retro touches

Increased sustainability efforts

sustainable design

As new reports are developed every day about global warming and the need to minimize our carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are looking for ways to do their part to be more eco-friendly. Eco-friendly products can also tend to last longer, which is another added bonus. It is clearly one of the top home and garden trends in 2022. 

Expect to see more eco-friendly options, like solar panels installed on roofs, and more sustainable materials like bamboo and cork being used for flooring. Other sustainable materials to look for are hardwood, tile, furniture, and fabrics. Moreover, even the type of paint that is used can be eco-friendly: traditional paints have a plastic barrier while eco-friendly paints are breathable due to using natural ingredients. 

If you’re hoping to increase your sustainability efforts during your remodel, be sure to talk with your contractor to explore your options.

Spa-like bathrooms

spa-like bathroom

The pandemic has forced many people to spend more time at home with their children, parents, and pets – which could lead to a lack of privacy. What’s one place most people hope to have a bit of privacy? That’s right, the bathroom. Two in 5 homeowners plan to use their renovation as a way to increase rest and relaxation in their bathroom (41%). 

Homeowners are feeling more and more inspired these days to renovate their bathrooms to make them feel more luxurious. Houzz found that in 2021, the median spend for a bathroom remodel (both large and small bathroom remodels) increased by 20% and 6% respectively from 2020. Features like built-in storage, deep vessel sinks, and more unique light fixtures are on the rise in 2022. Moreover, one-third of homeowners add greenery to their bathrooms because they find plants calming, and like that it also purifies the air.

Inviting outdoor spaces

The pandemic also encouraged people to spend more time outdoors, inspiring homeowners to make their outdoor spaces feel more like an oasis to relax & host guests. Since the pandemic, 90% of Americans say that outdoor living spaces are more valuable than ever before. This year, many homeowners are focusing their remodeling efforts on updated patios and decks, and even installing outdoor kitchens to truly bring the indoor/outdoor living to life.

More than 88% of Americans in 2021 said they were unhappy with their outdoor living spaces, so they will likely want to renovate and do some work in the near future to upgrade the backyard. 

outdoor living

Some other trends for open air living spaces: over half of millennials are buying outdoor furniture (furniture that is comparable and as luxurious as indoor furniture). For those wanting to renovate, the top priorities are: a functional space (53%), the ability to entertain (36%), a private retreat (34%), and to simply add value to their homes (25%).

More retro touches

Blast from the past! Many homeowners in 2022 are tapping into their memory banks by going for appliances, paint colors, and décor that look and feel nostalgic. This trend could be attributed to the massive supply chain issues and shortages as a result of the pandemic, or it could simply be a desire to go against the grain of modernity. Also, places like Facebook Marketplace and an online market called Chairish are adding to the popularity of the vintage revival for the home.

retro home accents

Whatever the case, don’t get rid of your outdated, antique pieces just yet! You might find that they’re just the pieces you need to add personality and aesthetic to your renovation. Some fun features of the retro or vintage home styles are: bright colors, tiger print, florals, and curvy shapes (think 70’s style and curved angles).  

We can’t wait to see how you incorporate these trends into your home this year! If you’re in need of some tips and inspiration to move your project along, be sure to follow us on Instagram! Also, if you are located in the greater Rochester, MN area, contact us for a consultation! We would love to serve you. 


2022 brings a lot of warm home remodeling trends that promote a more relaxed, homebody experience. Taking into consideration sustainability and comfort is showing the homeowner cares about many different aspects during the house remodeling process. 

In this post, we covered these 4 home remodeling trends in 2022:

  1. Increased sustainability efforts
  2. Spa-like bathrooms
  3. Inviting outdoor spaces
  4. More retro touches

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